Dimension Research provide the following ‘Patient Support Services (PSS)’ to pharmaceutical companies and donor organizations involved in ethical promotion/reimbursement of their products through private and Govt. health care facilities:

The key features of the PSS:  

  • Assistance to physicians, their staff (if applicable) and patient education through trained professionals via manufacturer’s approved information material
  • Patient counseling for importance of the product proper and timely intake and completing the therapy as per physician’s prescription
  • Assistance to patient to get the prescribed product through distributors on timely basis
  • Keeping the record of the patient status, disease indication, sponsors product and reimbursement electronically
  • Report any Adverse Drug Reaction(s) or/and Adverse Event (ADRs/AEs) within appropriate timeframe to the sponsor that is communicated by the patient
  • Coordinate with the patient for the updated ADR/AE follow up data
  • Assist the physician in completing the ADR forms and collecting the relevant follow up information from the patient.
  • Electronic maintain the patient status, disease prognosis or worsening, any change in the product dose, quantity, reimbursement and duration
  • Reporting the patient status information with strict confidentiality according to the sponsor’s compliance policies
  • Hot line with on line Medical Doctor/Pharmacist support could be established for particular product(s) for the patient/physicians on request.



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